Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catwalk & Cocktails

Last night I attended "Catwalk and Cocktails," a fashion show put on by The Fashion Group International of North Florida. I had a great time at the event, and I also got to meet a lot of great people. This was my first fashion event in the Jacksonville, FL area. I'm very excited to finally be exploring Jacksonville's fashion scene. I can't wait to attend many more.
I also got to meet a lot of great people that will definitely be useful with the success of TwoOneSevenPR. I don't think you guys understand how thrilled and excited I am about starting my own business and building my brand.
Below is a photo and details of fashions I chose to wear:
Dress: Forever 21 Faux Fur Vest: H&M Tights: Express Boots: Forever 21 Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Accessories: Necklace and bracelet from Dillard's and Watch is Betsey Johnson
SN: I know you guys are probably wondering what happened to Curtsey Bella. Well I decided that since I'm trying to build my brand, everything I touch should have one voice. And, I guess I kind of spilled the beans on the name of my business. Yes, TwoOneSevenPR is official name. February 17th is my birthday, and I felt it was best suitable for my brand. Plus, there are not too may PR firm's with numbers as brand names. I'll be showcasing my logo and website to you guys very soon.
Stay tuned...


I was spotted on the web (;

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