Thursday, November 8, 2012

My President is Back!

This election was more important to me than the last one. I feel as if my vote was actually counted this time. Last election, I sent in an absentee ballot, and I will NEVER do that again.

I stayed up the entire night watching the voter count. Even though I was barely breathing at first (no seriously I wasn't breathing), I was happy to see that America agreed who the best man for the job was.

It's still astonishing to me that Florida is counting votes. I'm so happy that Florida was not the determining factor in this election because if so, we would still be waiting to know who would serve the country the next four years.

I applaud President Obama's campaign team for remaining humble during this 18-month campaign season. They did what was right to get the job done without a lot of slander and misguidance. Public relations officers can definitely learn a thing or two from this election. The most important thing being that no matter what the competition is doing or how immature they may handle things, always remain true to yourself and be honest.

I'm not really into politics, but I definitely learned lessons that will help me in life, relationships and in business.

Congrats President Barack Obama! I believe in you, and our nation does as well.

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