Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet My New Babies!

So I've been wanting a new MacBook Pro and iPad for a while now. First, I was going to wait until Christmas to buy them for myself, but I decided to go ahead and get them both now since I have decided to become an entrepreneur. I am absolutely elated at my purchases. I honestly felt like a kid on Christmas while opening and setting up both devices.

Become well acquainted with them below:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Two-Week Notice

So much has happened in the past eight months during my tenure in corporate America. The saying "only the strong survive" definitely relates to experiencing the cubicle life. As I have expressed, I am in the works of creating my own business because "cubicle life" is not for me. I finally garnered enough courage to draft a letter of resignation and turn it in to my manager today after a few unsettled circumstances happened. I feel that this is the breakthrough that I need in order to be able to dive in headfirst as an entrepreneur.
Leaving a salary of $45,000/year for the potential of my business failing within the first year is worth the risk. My biggest inspiration is Aaron Arnold, of He came to speak at Colloquium (one of the few times I actually paid attention LOL), and I have admired his success story from afar for a while now. All in all, he left a corporate public relations job in Atlanta to take an unpaid internship working with Diddy in New York. If that isn't faith, I dont know what is. He now owns his own company and was recently named "America’s Smartest New Companies led by people under 30,” by Inc. Magazine and has graced the pages of Black Interprise, CNN, VH1 and likes thereof.
During Sunday's church service, my ah-ha moment came when Bishop Jr. announced the title of the sermon as "So You Want To Be Great, Huh?" That moment is when I knew that I was making the greatest and best moment of my life by giving up my salary to follow my dreams.
The most important lesson I have learned during my reign at X company is that "Money does not determine success, happiness does." I have not been happier since I handed my resignation letter over. I feel as if I have broken from bondage. I understand the risks associated with my decision, but with the support of my family, close friends and prayer, I know that I will be great, and the money will soon follow.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


When I tell you guys that my graphic designer is the best, she is the BEST! The sample logos that were created for my business came out FABULOUS! It was everything I wanted and more, and I could not have asked for anything better. It was so hard for me to chose just one, but through a quick poll, I finally secured the final logo design. Once it's converted to a .jpeg, I will post it up so you guys are able to join in my excitement.
I'm happy to finally be following my dreams so I do not have to spend the rest of my life working for someone that did.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What do PR girls do?

Lately, I have been asked this question over and over again while trying to pitch my new business venture to family and friends. And what I find so amusing is that after a bachelor's degree, five intense public relations internships and countless hours of studying and projects, I still have a hard time getting them to understand the role publicists and/or PR professionals play in society.

The first thing everyone says is “so you'll be working with celebrities” followed by “and planning events.”

My favorite PR girls over at explained it best. Here's their snapshot on exactly what PR practitioners do:

• Aid in building or changing brand reputation
•Monitor media (print, broadcast, online)
•Make sure client X is presented in a positive light
•Build campaign ideas
•Brainstorm creative ways to get client X coverage
•Write pitches, press releases and unlimited emails
•Pitch, pitch and pitch
•Fact check and maintain relationships with media
•Plan editor and consumer events
•Report back to client X on PR activities

The role of PR professionals vary day-to-day, but hopefully this will give you guys a better understanding of exactly what I'll be doing as a PR girl.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

No one said launching a business would be easy, but no one said it would be extremely hard either. I'm only less than a month in, and I've already had disappointments. Don't get me wrong, majority of everything is coming together smoothly. At least the things I have direct control over.

The next two biggest things on my list to cross off are the logo and website. While trying to find an awesome graphic designer (yes, I had to restart my search) can be tough and costly, in the end I know it will all be worth it. I think I have finally secured one who's phenomenal. Let's hope this time everything works out.

I think I'm just so anxious for everything to unfold that I often times cross-step myself. I guess I'm ready to see the end result even though the launch date is still 80 days away!

OMG, Jan. 1, 2013 get here already!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who Am I?

I just realized that I never formally introduced myself to you guys. Below is a brief biography of myself including my experience. More information can also be found on, my online portfolio.
I am Kayla Osborne, a public relations graduate of Florida A&M University. During my reign at FAMU, I had the opportunity to obtain a total of three internships. My first internship was at The Tallahassee Democrat where I worked under the supervision of the Community Relations Department. With the help of other interns, I successfully planned four community events. I also worked at a local public relations agency called The Zimmerman Agency. As a public relations intern, my main task consisted of researching ways to help build the brands that The Zimmerman Agency represented.
During the summer of 2010, I met LaTonya Story, a sports publicist, through an alumna of Florida A&M University. Throughout my internship experience at LPS Consulting PR, I helped with the planning and promotions of charity events for Story’s NFL clients. I also was able to work alongside Story at the events, which gave me an opportunity to see exactly how public relations works outside of a corporate setting.
For two and a half years, I served as an associate of PRodigy Public Relations firm, which is a student-run public relations firm on the campus of FAMU. Under the supervision of our advisor, the associates and I have successfully promoted events, re-branded companies and served as hosts for National Public Radio 411 teen.
Feel free to browse my website!

Monday, October 8, 2012

The PR Girl Bucket List

One of my favorite PR blogs NYC PR Girls posted a PR girl bucket list, and it gave me inspiration to post a bucket list as it relates to my first year as an entrepreneur. I've created a “30 Things to do Before 30” bucket list, but with the launch of my business just a few months away, there's a lot I would like to get accomplished before the close of 2013. Some things I would love to check off my list are...
1. Launch of my brand Jan. 1, 2013
2. Increase the awareness of my brand
2. Secure at least three clients
3. Successfully give a client presentation/pitch
4. Watch a campaign idea unfold
5. Land a national magazine/blog placement
6. Successfully partner my client with a well-known brand
7. Increase pageviews on CurtseyBella
8. Increase my network
9. Involve my brand in at least one big philanthropy activity
10. Successfully put on/host a client event
Can't wait to start crossing things off!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Media Lists...Oh The Joy!

Oh how I remember putting together media list after media list during my many reigns as an intern. At first, I didn't understand the point of putting together all these long lists of media contacts, but now I have learned their true value. I still haven't grown to love composing one, sort of like how my love of working in corporate America hasn't, but I digress.
Thanks to the lovely publicists over at PR Couture my life has gotten a little easier. With the launch of my PR Firm less than 90 days away, securing an awesome media list is key. The Fashion Media List I purchased from them is beyond amazing, and it will definitely be helpful while pitching my company to potential clients.
I'm so happy that everything is starting to come together so lovely. Ahhh, I'm anxious for Jan. 1, 2013. New beginnings are awesome!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cloud Nine

Who knew that one could feel like a kid in a candy store just by securing a domain name and creating your first real email address account!?! I cannot even explain how excited I am to finally be making my dream a reality. Three tasks down, and a million more to go. I'm determined to meet my 90 day goal even if that means going with little to no sleep.
The logo creations are finally in the works. I have an awesome graphic designer, and I'm anxious to see what he comes up with. Of course once I secure the final logo, you guys will be the first to see a sneak peak. I really want to reveal the name of my company, but I will save that for later. I hope I am able to keep this secret in without spilling the beans.
I have definitely expanded my way of thinking so that I could have the ability to perceive my potential even though my life has been out of balance. Thanks Bishop Jr. for helping me realize that it is indeed "my moment for a miracle."

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

PR Research & Strategies

...was the class I resented the most while in college. Not only does it require an extensive amount of time, it requires clear and concise ideas. As I stated yesterday, I'm in the process of launching my own PR firm. Research, as well as having a strategic plan, is the only way I will be able to have a successful launch.

Below are a few tips I've learned during my research of launching a small business:

1. Know the market and learn the competition.
2. Identify your target audience's specific needs and wants.
3. Social media can be a very effective platform to carry out your message, but may also hurt a brand if used inappropriately.
4. Networking can indeed determine one's success.
5. The Internet is your best friend, not your worst enemy.

Of course, there are a lot more, but these stuck out to me the most.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's coming!

It's been almost two years since I last left a footprint on this blog. The exciting news that has brought me back is the launch of my public relations firm. Yes, I am in the process of becoming an entrepreneur! I've been employed in corporate America for almost a year now, and I have realized that it is not for me. (Even though I have always said least I gave it a try.) My plan is to officially roll out everything Jan. 1, 2013. I have so much to do in so little time, but I know that through hard work and dedication everything will be completed. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time only because this is something I've wanted for years, and it's finally coming true. I'm going to keep you guys updated on my progress so stay tuned. I will also post sneak peaks to get everyone as excited about the launch as I am.