TwoOneSevenPR is a full-service public relations firm that offers a range of services, including, but not limited to, media relations, image consulting and event management. We are a boutique fashion public relations agency composed of one creative, innovative and passionate individual who is focused on the needs of its client’s. Relationship building and ethically approaching situations to fulfill all clients’ needs measures the success of this company.
TwoOneSevenPR’s mission is to completely educate the public by producing events, securing press clips and actively engaging in image consulting. With the combined level of education and experience, our key associate has been actively involved in this industry for over three years.
TwoOneSevenPR is housed in Jacksonville, Fla. The public relations industry in this market consists of different competitors, however, few are specialized in fashion public relations. We will promptly gain market share in the local and regional area with their competitive edges, consisting of specialized strategic public relations campaigns, as well as flexibility.
TwoOneSevenPR offers personalized and creative results for each client housed, often ending in long-term client relationships.
President & CEO
Kayla Osborne began her career in public relations in 2009 at The Tallahassee Democrat where she worked under the supervision of the Community Relations Department by successfully planning events for the local residents. Kayla later transitioned to The Zimmerman Agency where she strengthened her research skills by developing strategic plans and media tools to maintain their client’s relationships with their representative publics.
For two and a half years, Kayla served as an associate of PRodigy Public Relations firm, which is a student-run public relations firm on the campus of Florida A&M University. Under the supervision of the advisor, the associates successfully promoted events, re-branded companies and served as hosts for National Public Radio 411 teen.
Kayla received a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from FAMU in 2011. Beyond school, Kayla went to work in Mortgage Banking. After a year of employment, Kayla realized that her true passion is fashion and public relations and decided to merge the two to create her own firm. Kayla believes being an entrepreneur gives her more flexibility and autonomy.
Kayla is currently an active member of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Women in PR and FAMU’s Alumni chapter in Jacksonville, Fla.