Saturday, November 3, 2012


I never really considered myself as being a stylist, but I have always been interested in the world of fashion. I even considered design school to become a merchandiser at one point, but I'm glad I made the decision that I did.
Lately, all my friends have come to me inquiring image consulting advice. I was definitely very honored that they value my style enough to reach out to me. I styled one of my friends from the other end of telephone for an interview. Not being there was hard, but my extensive research ideas got the job done. His looked turned out amazing and he got the job. Of course, I have to give partial credit to the look I created for him because image is the first thing someone notices about you within the first five seconds of meeting.
I recently styled another friend for a party and that look also came out amazing. *pats self on the back* So after further consideration, I decided to add image consulting as a part of my business. I would like to credit myself as being stylish, all credit to the tons of magazines I have stored all over my room though LOL. I'm anxious to see where this will take me.
Oh, guess what you guys!?! I'm finally free from corporate bondage, and is free to devote 100 percent of my time to building my business. A year from now, I want to be able to look back and thank God for giving me the strength and determination for following my dreams. xoxo

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