Thursday, October 4, 2012

Media Lists...Oh The Joy!

Oh how I remember putting together media list after media list during my many reigns as an intern. At first, I didn't understand the point of putting together all these long lists of media contacts, but now I have learned their true value. I still haven't grown to love composing one, sort of like how my love of working in corporate America hasn't, but I digress.
Thanks to the lovely publicists over at PR Couture my life has gotten a little easier. With the launch of my PR Firm less than 90 days away, securing an awesome media list is key. The Fashion Media List I purchased from them is beyond amazing, and it will definitely be helpful while pitching my company to potential clients.
I'm so happy that everything is starting to come together so lovely. Ahhh, I'm anxious for Jan. 1, 2013. New beginnings are awesome!!!

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