Sunday, October 14, 2012

What do PR girls do?

Lately, I have been asked this question over and over again while trying to pitch my new business venture to family and friends. And what I find so amusing is that after a bachelor's degree, five intense public relations internships and countless hours of studying and projects, I still have a hard time getting them to understand the role publicists and/or PR professionals play in society.

The first thing everyone says is “so you'll be working with celebrities” followed by “and planning events.”

My favorite PR girls over at explained it best. Here's their snapshot on exactly what PR practitioners do:

• Aid in building or changing brand reputation
•Monitor media (print, broadcast, online)
•Make sure client X is presented in a positive light
•Build campaign ideas
•Brainstorm creative ways to get client X coverage
•Write pitches, press releases and unlimited emails
•Pitch, pitch and pitch
•Fact check and maintain relationships with media
•Plan editor and consumer events
•Report back to client X on PR activities

The role of PR professionals vary day-to-day, but hopefully this will give you guys a better understanding of exactly what I'll be doing as a PR girl.

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