Monday, October 8, 2012

The PR Girl Bucket List

One of my favorite PR blogs NYC PR Girls posted a PR girl bucket list, and it gave me inspiration to post a bucket list as it relates to my first year as an entrepreneur. I've created a “30 Things to do Before 30” bucket list, but with the launch of my business just a few months away, there's a lot I would like to get accomplished before the close of 2013. Some things I would love to check off my list are...
1. Launch of my brand Jan. 1, 2013
2. Increase the awareness of my brand
2. Secure at least three clients
3. Successfully give a client presentation/pitch
4. Watch a campaign idea unfold
5. Land a national magazine/blog placement
6. Successfully partner my client with a well-known brand
7. Increase pageviews on CurtseyBella
8. Increase my network
9. Involve my brand in at least one big philanthropy activity
10. Successfully put on/host a client event
Can't wait to start crossing things off!

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