Monday, October 22, 2012

Two-Week Notice

So much has happened in the past eight months during my tenure in corporate America. The saying "only the strong survive" definitely relates to experiencing the cubicle life. As I have expressed, I am in the works of creating my own business because "cubicle life" is not for me. I finally garnered enough courage to draft a letter of resignation and turn it in to my manager today after a few unsettled circumstances happened. I feel that this is the breakthrough that I need in order to be able to dive in headfirst as an entrepreneur.
Leaving a salary of $45,000/year for the potential of my business failing within the first year is worth the risk. My biggest inspiration is Aaron Arnold, of He came to speak at Colloquium (one of the few times I actually paid attention LOL), and I have admired his success story from afar for a while now. All in all, he left a corporate public relations job in Atlanta to take an unpaid internship working with Diddy in New York. If that isn't faith, I dont know what is. He now owns his own company and was recently named "America’s Smartest New Companies led by people under 30,” by Inc. Magazine and has graced the pages of Black Interprise, CNN, VH1 and likes thereof.
During Sunday's church service, my ah-ha moment came when Bishop Jr. announced the title of the sermon as "So You Want To Be Great, Huh?" That moment is when I knew that I was making the greatest and best moment of my life by giving up my salary to follow my dreams.
The most important lesson I have learned during my reign at X company is that "Money does not determine success, happiness does." I have not been happier since I handed my resignation letter over. I feel as if I have broken from bondage. I understand the risks associated with my decision, but with the support of my family, close friends and prayer, I know that I will be great, and the money will soon follow.

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